Mobile Game

Otherkin the Game combines mobile gaming with physical activity. It introduces a new way to play games both indoors and especially outdoors. Otherkin introduces an entirely new way to do battle using your body as a combat controller. Equip your character with powerful items and set out on an adventure to discover the secrets of Calaval and triumph in battle.


Travel around the mythical land of Calaval fighting terrifying enemies and searching for clues about the dark forces that threaten the world.

  • Adventure by traveling around Calaval in the story-driven single player mode.
  • In adventure mode the player explores Calaval by moving around outdoors and fighting enemies.
  • Best items are obtained by and performing quests to advance the plot.


Obtain the mana required for quests and battles by locating magical wisps and capturing them with your mobile phone while moving outdoors.

  • Resources for adventure and combat mode are gathered by locating magical wisps.
  • First use your mystical senses to locate and lure them out.
  • Then capture them by tracking your mobile phone camera in a challenge of hand-eye coordination and reflexes.


Challenge other players in fast paced combat, where battle spells are cast and abilities activated by actually performing physical manoeuvres.

  • The more people participate in the battle as spectators, the more benefits you gain.
  • Manage your mana for spells and abilities carefully in order to gain tactical advantage.
  • Control your actions by performing real time physical manoeuvres.