The Story Continues

Hello, Heroes. =)

Otherkin prologue story is back from the summer break.

Of course it wasn’t really a break from the actual project, since we’ve been working on the game development pretty much the whole summer. Still, it’s about time to get on with the high adventure.

This time we’ll be introducing someone new as the second part of the prologue arc begins.

Check out the latest episode here.

Since our highest priority is currently getting work done with the actual game as quickly as possible, there may be some variation in the publication schedule of the story. With that said, I’ll do my best to get an average of two episodes per month out from now on. If everything goes as planned, there might even be a slightly longer special episode around Christmas just like we had at Midsummer.

As for the development blog, we’ll also resume that in a couple of weeks. Remember to check the site every now and then. A sneak peek into the game features will be among the first dev posts.

Adventurous Autumn Wishes,



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