Pre-Midsummer Story Spree and the Summer Hiatus


A new part is out again. You can find it here: Episode 4, 1/2

Next I’ll have to make a confession.

I had planned on writing somewhat less before the Midsummer and also publishing more material earlier. Since the plans changed, I found myself with enough material for five or six normal length episodes.

We are still going to stay on the original plan in that the Solstice episode will be fully published before the Midsummer.

Since it wouldn’t make full sense without Episode 4 about the southern Baalqan empire and the events two weeks before the Solstice Festival being published first, we’re going to see an unprecedented spree during the next few days.

I’ll be turning out an episode segment every day or so until the two-parter Episode 4 and three or four parts of Episode 5 are out. This will happen before next friday.

After that I will have exhausted my storage of fresh text and the prelude story will take a summer hiatus of approximately two months. I guess it’s only fair considering that these five or six parts would under normal conditions have taken almost three months to come out =)

During the summer we will be focusing fully on actual software development. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Have fun!



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