Otherkin Photo Shoot on May 17th

We chose the Scandinavian Bronze Age as main setting for the story of Otherkin for a number of reasons. Firstly we wanted the world to be something different than just your standard off-the-shelf sword and sorcery. Still, we understood that working with something entirely unique would be extremely challenging. Without any background to lean on the settings tend to become so surreal and unrealistic than few audiences find them compelling or easily adoptable. This brings us to the second reason: Since we all live in Finland, the rich and wonderful prehistory of the region was already familiar to us and readily available. It is also far less used in fantasy storytelling than it deserves, so our choice was practically already made for us.

As I use the expression “main setting” I am referring to the fact that there will also be another and equally fascinating cultural context in the game. Calaval is a world of many facets. This is, however something that we will discuss later. Today I wanted to show you some teaser material recorded at a photo shoot we did last week for our upcoming crowd funding campaign.

Could you believe that we live almost in the middle of the largest city in Finland, Helsinki, and still it’s only a 15 minutes trip to locations like this?
There are places where the barrier between the worlds is thinner. You can quite palpably feel the presence of Calaval when you walk through this ancient village.
Our presence attracted some of the curious forest creatures. Or were they nature spirits for the other realm?
Strange apparitions of a hooded figure scared us. Was he a shaman of the old?

I hope you enjoyed these preview images. We will be publishing more fantasy material every week from now on. Remember also to check the prologue story. Cheers =)


Scholar Mistress of Calaval

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