Crossover reality exergaming

There are gamers, and there are people who exercise. Clearly some gamers exercise, and many sportive people play games as well. However, these two pursuits have so far overlapped only in quite modest ways. This is what Otherkin (a mobile fantasy adventure game) is here to change.

We imagine our player waking up in a dimly lit apartment, alarmed by a buzzing and flashing smartphone. (Let’s say the player is a ‘he’ in this case.) As he brushes the stray Doritos off his chest, he’s made aware that he, Gundulf of Stokkeland, must rush to collect herbal components for a cure to save his brother from a perilous poisoning… Our player must go outside and run and perform certain maneuvers, best as he can, in order to complete the task.

Instead of providing a mere repertoire of shallow missions and tasks, we take exergaming (a portmanteau of ‘exercise’ and ‘gaming’) to the next level. Otherkin invites players to take part in campaigns that are woven onto the narrative tapestry of an epic saga. The game embodies the idea of crossover reality – what happens In Real Life crosses over to the alternative reality of Calaval that, in turn, is a world of great depth, mystery, and suspense compelling people here in this world – the one we’re used to calling real – to move.

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