The World of Calaval


This story is set in the Bronze Age fantasy world of Calaval, where the primal wilds of Northlands are home to many small tribes of farmers and hunter-gatherers. Unforeseen hardships have recently started to trouble the people of this land. Talvikki, a young shamaness of the Polestar tribe, has embarked on a great journey, determined to find the cause for all these strange omens. Something ominous is afoot. Read the story.

The Otherkin

The heroes of the story, the fabled Otherkin, are masters of ancient magic. They can summon animal spirits of earth and sky to grant them their form and mystical powers. There are four lineages of Otherkin.

The four lineages of Otherkin
  • Masters of the spirit world, the Shamans of Northland command great and versatile magic forces to heal and harm alike.
  • The strong Warriors of the frozen wastes fight with unrelenting strength and courage to overcome their foes.
  • The mystical Firecasters of the Baalqan Empire summon the fires of the Eternal Desert upon all who dare to oppose them.
  • And finally Shadows, the feared assassins in the dark, who use subterfuge and deadly poisons to dispatch their victims before they get even a change to see their doom.